This Is Personal…

I always knew that I would do something meaningful and profound. The feeling sat there from my teens through to adulthood and then into middle age. A feeling of knowing, a feeling of otherness as though there would be something that came to define me or at least something that explains who I am. I discovered that I had something to say, a story to tell.

With fear and trepidation, I have watched how my story is unfolding in our reality. How the very things I foresaw as fiction came into being. The future has arrived and it’s all playing out as I saw it. There’s trouble ahead…

In my head, I’ve written it a thousand times. In my heart, I have agonised over how to start it and to what conclusion. In my soul, I have dreaded starting to write it all down, but I must.

The Last Good Day of The Year – (working title)

(Book 1)

A view of a dystopian world before the apocalyptic conclusion forms itself. An impossible and desperate trilogy where the great deception is finally unveiled. Where everything we hold dear is torn from us. Where the few who tried hard to warn us are now the only ones who can save us.

We believed what they told us. We became what they wanted us to become. We were born into a land of the free, the liberated and the blessed. We were living the dream. But the dream was just a dream. We lived the lie. We only really existed in a great deception. The truth wasn’t true any more, it was only what we thought about what we were taught to believe.

Professor Leila Shepherd is faced with an impossible dilemma. She has discovered the truth. Will she overcome her fears and find the strength to strikeout and save those in peril? Can she trust herself to do it? Could you do it? Would you do it? Even if it cost you everything you had, even life itself in order to save so many? Most of them are strangers…but her decision will change their fate and the fate of the world forever. Can she bring herself to set aside the bonds that tied her to the people she loved?

Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash