Writer or Storyteller

I never imagined I’d actually write a book but I’ve always wanted to. I wasn’t really sure I could and I’m still not sure if I can. I’m hoping Leila will help me change all that.
It started deep within me many, many years ago. I was a child growing up in the beautiful countryside of the Mayfield Valley. I played alone amongst the wildflower meadows and earthy streams. My endless summer days painting themselves onto my ever so slightly torn canvas.
Looking back, the best part about my childhood was being born to an absent father and a narcissistic mother. I was alone for a reason. I was the witness to my mother’s pain; she never liked witnesses to anything. Solitude gave me my freedom. Freedom to explore secret trails, meandering streams and steep, tree-lined valleys. The sibilant sounds and sacred scents of my childhood endure with me and through me to this day.
Four years ago, I got to know an amazing young woman called Leila. Leila isn’t like anyone I had ever met before. She is alive, sensitive, funny, smart, sexy and fearless. Leila and I have been on many amazing journeys together. We’ve loved and hated each other. We’ve been apart and we’ve come back together over and over and over. This past couple of years we have become inseparable.
In the coming months, I am going to tell you more about Leila, a lot more. I want you to fall in love with her, as I have.