And So It Begins

The seat of power and insecurity…

The plan is written, the fishbone diagram is done, genre selected, characters outlined, story thread clear and both the proposition and plot are cast. The plan is there alright, I suspect it will change and grow over time.

The Truth Will Set You Free (The Premise)

The book is based on our capacity to allow deception and lies to influence everything we do and think. The human trait is to trust and seek something or someone to follow. We are like sheep continually searching for new pastures in which to feed. Feeding and mating are our given purpose and the role of the shepherd is to make us herd together, to flock together, to eat and reproduce together, to remain passive and compliant and above all else, to trust them completely.

As sheep, we are made to feel secure, we feel protected and free to be sheep. Like sheep, we follow each other and do what all of the other sheep do. We ignore those that appear to cry wolf. We ignore the wolves dressed as sheep. We bleat and frolic reassuringly together, we watch as our children grow and play together. We are made to feel as though we are happy and have no reason to think otherwise.

And there comes a point when our older children leave us, they are taken to another place. They mature and become sheep in their own right. We believe it is to a place of safety and security but it’s just separate from us. It’s another place like ours where they, like us, are penned together in fields of joy. Safe near our shepherd, loved by our shepherd, their shepherd will guide them safely forward. We soon forget about the children because we are safe. We no longer worry about the children because we are safe.

We are safe because nobody told us that we are meat. Nobody had to tell us, they just made sure we all felt safe and secure. Fresh pastures, streams from which we drink and, of course, we are watched over by our shepherds. Shepherds that tend to us lovingly. Our whole lives being given over to a belief. Our way of life designed to show us that we are sheep. We are sheep. We loved like sheep. We ate, lived and breathed like sheep. We took pride in being sheep. I now understand why they didn’t tell us we were meat.

It is only when we are all taken from this place and see the executioners gun that the veil is lifted. We are in the killing line and moving towards the unseen bolt. We’re penned in and cannot turn back, we are terrified, we’d hadn’t been lied to, we just didn’t know that this is what they had planned all along. We just keep moving forward until we are next in line and we see the gun. It’s too late now. We have no choice. The meadows and the streams are a distant memory. I wonder what happened to my children. Had I let them down? Could I have worked it out? Could it have been different? What if I’d stopped to think? What if I’d worked out that their kindness was used to cynically mask all reality? It was obvious now, it wasn’t obvious then.

The truth has set us free from our illusion that the shepherd wanted us to live in peace and this happiness is forever. The illusion that we are nothing more than meat. We never are, and we never were. We are all just meat and we have been used to feed their unending consumption. We are produced and reared so that we feed their machine. We don’t benefit from the product, we are the product.

Unveiling – A Dystopian Pre Apocalyptic Story (The Plot)

A book based upon a time, not too distant from now, when the technocracy end game plays out in full. The final piece of the technological jigsaw is in place and the enabling systems of humanity’s freedom and entertainment are used against us to meet the long term goals of those in power.

Them and us. Humanity versus wealth and power. Love competing with greed.

The story is about Leila and Finn as they embark on a treacherous journey to save humanity from its destruction. Unveiling is what happens to us as we immerse ourselves into their world. As we suffer and triumph with them along the way. Their arch rival Benzi Brindle will stop at nothing to halt their journey because he knows, if they get to him, it will be a fight to the death. Benzi never fought battles he hadn’t already won.

Sheep become shepherds and shepherds become sheep. The storyline unveils both the good and bad in all of us. Imperfect people in a far from perfect world. Who holds the gun as our line moves forward? Who can stop then shepherd with the captive bolt? Who do we trust? Will your own veil be lifted by my story?