Technology In A Technocracy World

Around the time of the Wall Street crash of 1929, Scientists and Engineers at Columbia University, USA, decided that the system of Capitalism and Free Enterprise based on the gold standard and designed by financiers and bankers was fatally flawed and was probably responsible for the economic crash that affected everyone and everything.

Scientists buoyed by the earlier claims of Henri de Saint Simon (1760-1825) thought that their thinking was far superior to any other being so they teamed up with eminent engineers and formed a system of technocracy to run economics.

To cut a long but interesting story short, technocracy took over and is used to run every transaction known to man where money and assets are involved. Technocracy is the link between human engagement and finance. A credit card or bank account, for example.

The bankers and financiers weren’t done though. They were the ones that saw an opportunity for globalisation and human interaction everywhere. They just needed technology to catch up. The profits were of a scale beyond any normal person’s comprehension.

On 12 March 1989, the Internet was born.

The Internet was like the wild west, a new frontier, nothing was regulated and it spawned the ‘everything now’ culture. There were no boundaries. There were no rules. The only constraint? Technology itself. Dial-up became high speed. Copper became fibre. Processors went from Kilobytes to Terabytes. Inbound devices became outbound servers.

The Internet of things, a system of connecting absolutely everything to everything, was now a possibility. Far-sighted strategists started to put the Technocracy building blocks in place. The enablers were high-speed broadband, powerful handheld processors and facial recognition.

China in 2019 has more than 600 million FR cameras installed and you can now walk into a shop or food outlet and pay using your face. You are captured upon entry and connected to your payment cards.

And for your continued peace of mind, safety and wellbeing, the authorities claim to be able to find you and get people to you (no matter where you are), in less than 8 minutes.

To really make the best use of this new technology, all we need to do is have inserts placed within us to connect to everything around us. Use AI to educate and guide us. Chips to monitor and inform us and 5G to enable these ‘always on’ enhancements to improve our quality of life.

The benefits are endless. The opportunities are of a magnitude that we cannot yet understand. Technology can even make predictions based on our habits and suggestions formed from our thoughts.

What could possibly go wrong?