What Have We Done

Photo by Noah van de Wetering on Unsplash

When I say we, I mean 0.2% of the eligible voters that have selected our new Prime Minister. Boris Johnson, the man who openly lies, is racist, is an adulterer and the worst Minister in any government post ever (Chris Grayling runs him close) has been selected by 66.4% of his own party to lead the 5th biggest economy on the planet. That’s just 92,153 rich people (you only have to be over 15) voting him into power.

Now don’t get me wrong, on the one hand, and yes he’s not a good man, he is exactly the type of person I need in my story which was predicted a couple of years back when I said, online, “we shall elect a dangerous right-wing despot to sit alongside the other dangerous right-wing despots in America, Russia and other major states around the world”. But on the other hand, we will all have to suffer a little more because of it.

Leila’s journey to meet Finn and ultimately on to meet with her destiny requires people like Boris to create the circumstances from which humanity needs saving.

I’m excited. I shouldn’t be. I should be terrified (on your behalf). But I’ve work to do to weave this genuine nugget of unholy existence into the plot. Thank you, universe for dropping this nasty, and deceitful pawn into the game.

And, well done fate, well done insanity, well done stupid people and well done those of us that cannot see where this will end. I am about to show you your future and you won’t like it.