Experts and Politicians

Photo by Kafai Liu on Unsplash

Every five years or so, the good people of the UK have a day where we cast our vote in a General Election. This is where we get to decide who sits at the top table for how this country is run. There are other tiers of government but there is only one opportunity for around forty-five million people to pick our leaders. It’s an essential part of what we term society and we select the people that other people have picked for us to vote for. If that makes sense.

This is our democracy. It’s a free, transparent and accountable system for selecting who we want to represent us in Parliament. This is good for us, it’s healthy and it’s fair… Or is it?

Let’s break it down a little. What do we really want? What we really want is to enjoy life to the full, have access to all opportunity, for each man to be equal and to live peacefully amongst all other people in our society. We want to be able to think and speak freely and go about our business without hindrance or interference. And that should be the end of this blog.

So, what do we get? We get almost the opposite of what we want.

Firstly, we lend our MPs their Parliamentary powers. They have to return them intact or enhanced when they have served their term. But most MPs don’t quite see it this way.

Secondly, we believe that we are sending good wholesome people, whose hearts are generally in the right place, to go and work for us. The problem is, however, we send people that are neither qualified in or have any experience of running a country. Indeed, half of them can’t even run themselves adequately.

MPs have thousands of individual household employers but only one real boss, themselves.

OUR MPs, our employees, have many other stakeholders too. Stakeholders that they must be cognisant of and must also seek to satisfy. Their Party whip, their manifesto pledges, lobbyists, the press, their funders and PR influencers. Many powerful masters, most of whom exert more pressure on our MPs than we do.

It’s an archaic and tribal system based on feud and patronage. Where the very people they are meant to serve fall victim to a system that prevents them from being served.

But I can fix this. I have an idea. It’s brilliant and it means everyone is happy. But first, we must rid ourselves of the MPs and replace them with…iParliament

UNVEILING, has, throughout its pages, brought us all a new system that is both foolproof and easy to manage. It’s a solution to the age-old problem of first past the post, party allegiances, politics, patronage and naked ambition. Once you see it working, you will wonder why this hasn’t happened before. I will explain why it didn’t as well as show you how it got fixed. It gives back to us what we really want: To enjoy life to the full, have access to all opportunity, for each man to be equal amongst others and to live peacefully amongst other peaceful people in our global society. What’s not to like?

Democracy is a myth, it always has been…the truth will set you free.