Never Judge a Book By Its Cover

Sometimes I need a break from writing just to think. Unveiling has a plot that is complex. It has threads that range from the visceral to the tenuous. It has relationships that overlay and some that jar with dysfunction. This means that my mind can quickly turn to mush and I need a break.

It feels way too premature and maybe it’s even pointless but my attention switched to the finished novel. How would I publish? Would I use an editor (yes)? How do I find an agent? Do I design the book cover or do they?

The book cover…how will it look on the shelves alongside a million other covers? How will I get it to stand out? Does it need to stand out? Unveiling starts with a U…will anybody get all the way down to U without buying an A, B or C book?

I need to get back to writing. I can’t think of book covers now.

Upwork. Why don’t I get a couple of experienced freelance artists to come up with some covers? I can write a brief. I can position the book in its genre. I can spec out a timeframe and (small) budget to guide them.

So I will. I’ll post a job on Upwork and shortlist 5 artists to pitch for the work. I have used Upwork before and the results have been spectacularly good. But I am not going to ask them to pitch for free…oh no, it’s something I just can’t do. I shall pay each of them a sum of money to pitch and the prize is…a book cover design for a dystopian, pre-apocalyptic, thriller, love/romance, hi-tech/high stakes betrayal that turns our norms on their head and gaslights us into a new reality.

Maybe I’ll write a bit more before I ask for designs so that my pitch to them has a little more clarity about it…but I do think the cover would stand out if they could actually navigate this pitch!!

Work in progress…

Photo by Stephanie LeBlanc on Unsplash