Sex Sells

Why have sex in my novel?

This is the question I have asked myself over and over. I find it very hard to answer but let me state from the outset, I will be breaking all of your rules.

I have tackled the subject differently. I have tackled most subjects differently. Yes, it’s sensual. Yes, it’s consensual. Yes, it’s erotic and powerful. It’s in the mind, it’s channelled through thought and intention. It isn’t cliched and it isn’t like you have ever known or experienced.

I have deconstructed the components of sex and reassembled them differently. I’ve taken apart each stage, every element, all parts and addressed them one by one. Unveiling is about revealing layers within you aimed at your receiving liberation by instalment. Liberation from your own conditioned beliefs. Liberation from your thoughts. Liberation from how you experience sex. Liberation from constraints and conditions. Liberation from the limits you have set for yourself and those set by others.

Sex on your terms, with your rules and for your ends…great sex, intimate sex, liberating sex. Mind-blowing sex.

So the only reason I am adding sex to my novel is for you to know the lovers intimately.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash