Somewhere Otherness

The process of writing is a process of leaving the place where I am looking from and occupying the space I’m looking into.

When I enter my writing zone I leave everything else behind and move to somewhere new. Somewhere that is vaguely familiar but I’m not really there. I have receded and the writer steps forward to shine a light onto a new place for me. It’s as though the writer holds my hand as I take each reverent step onto somewhere otherworldly.

Earlier today I was discussing the art of writing and it made me reflect upon what I wanted when I read a book or saw a play or film. I wanted to be taken to new places and shown new things.

I couldn’t read a book about my life because I have seen and experienced all there is to see there. I want to be led somewhere new, somewhere I haven’t been before, even somewhere I couldn’t have imagined. I want to be surprised, shocked.

I want my writing to take people away to a place where they discover more about themselves as they navigate a pathway through their own thoughts when reading my pages. I want people to leave behind the all knowing self and discover a part of themselves they didn’t know existed. As if they were meeting a version 2.0 of their own self for the very first time.

So, do I take them by the hand and show them somewhere new? Do I take them to each vista and step aside? Or do I whisper gently into their souls in order that they see the void and wait for the mist to clear?

Maybe this is what I will do, create a sense of otherness as they leave themselves behind.

Photo by ian dooley on Unsplash