Coffee Shop Struggles

Fallow. Regenerative. Maturing. Observant. Mining.

This was how I rationalised my quiet 3 months as I contemplated structure and direction. So I went back to the Internet and did a course. It’s a writing course. Why? Because I wanted to bring some order and structure to my chaotic and random thoughts. I did it to punish myself for not writing…like going back to school.

I have done this now. It’s finished. Completed. I’ve sort of enjoyed doing this and I would recommend any other chaotic soul to do something to break out of the comfort of not writing.

I’m using a 15 stage story formula to organise my characters into a series of actions that are coherent and understandable. I am intertwining the story with a weave of dialogue and scenery that brings the story to life.

I shall do this for a while longer to see if it actually liberates my realistic but dystopian world or whether it strangles the whole thing into a stage of dry realism without any kind of passion or adventure.

Mint tea with honey and my laptop…we can take on anything.