Contemplating Touch

Imagine never being able to touch the one you love…

The most precious and intimate thing that has ever happened to me is the touch of another human being. That moment of first awareness, their presence. The feeling that they are close. A surge of electric energy passing through your consciousness in anticipation of it.

And then it happens. Skin touches skin and your whole body changes. Your world softens and the colours brighten. Images flood your mind. And deep within you, your heart rate quickens. Nerve endings light up. Each cell of your skin excites and becomes hypersensitive. You notice the subtle changes in heat and air circling around you.

The world outside quietens and your focus narrows inwards; you hear the rush of blood coursing through you. Your body starts to cool a little as tiny beads of sweat form. Hairs stand up like sails capturing a breeze to dissipate its heat.

Your senses uncoil and something deep within comes to life as your unspoken thoughts blend with theirs. Intentions entwine and hearts become one. You only see them as they do, you. A single touch transports you to a parallel universe where time stands still. Now is all that matters and there is nothing else. This moment, lost and alive. Submitting to its grace and power.

Just imagine a life spent apart from this person, distances are too great and access to them is denied to you, by others. You are in a world in which darkness prevails and you are forbidden from seeing each other again.

How would you cope? What would you do? Is there a way in which you can still feel their every touch? Experience their breath upon your skin? Their lips exploring you, kissing you, electrifying you? And once again two bodies reaching the highest highs that love can offer, again and again?

Would you defy them? Would you wrap yourself in a layer of forbidden skin? A layer that meant you could feel their every touch, their soft breath, their warm love, their hands upon you, every kiss and loving movement? You could be sent away for just owning such a skin. But could you bear not wearing it? Could you live without it? Would you give control of that skin to your lover? Would you submit to him, in the name of love? Could you trust them with your life?

Photo by Christopher Campbell on Unsplash